NFRAL is a not-for-profit forum for writing and research in arbitration run by a body of students, legal professionals and academicians.
The following two primary considerations are the basis for NFRAL: first, there is a need for a forum to publish on a rolling basis good quality writing on arbitration. Authors might have various aims (though arguably “behind which there is a deeper and more immediate choice which is common to all of us”) and multiple approaches. The value of a piece is not limited to only those that are heavily annotated, an author’s previous credentials need not always translate into scholarship, and a reader might be interested in a simple analysis of a judgment. Any account of arbitration, therefore, which is lively, well-crafted and presents an argument or issue with clarity and flair will have value for one reader or the other. The author can be merely descriptive or advance a theoretical position. The reader can, of course, within the limitation that any analysis of law posits, while reading, re-write that piece.
Second, there is a need to develop a community of researchers and authors to create a comprehensive wealth of online material on the Indian arbitration available for everyone to access. This is true even for doctrinal research–to explore on each aspect, ‘what is the law?’. Our mission is to present a coherent conception of arbitration law in India, and by rigorous research add to its foundations in ways which benefits professional lawyer, judges, students and academia.