Quippo Construction Equipment Limited v Janardan Nirman Pvt. Limited 2020 SCC Online SC 419

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Supreme Court of India | 2-judge bench| UU Lalit and Vineet Saran JJ | 29 April 2020 The Quippo judgment presents a problem of exposition. The primary question was about the jurisdiction of the court to hear a set-aside application against an award. The question was decided on the principle of waiver.

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Categories: Arbitral seat |  Competence of arbitral tribunal to rule on its own jurisdiction |  Determination of seat |  Kompetenz-kompetenz |  Preclusive effect of kompetenz kompetenz |  Seat of arbitration |  Section 16 |  Section 4 |  Waiver of right to object  

The seat of the arbitration can be deduced from the conduct of not raising objections as to conduct of arbitration proceedings at a particular territory (Bombay High Court)

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Omprakash and others v. Vijay Dwarkada Varma MANU/MH/0543/202 High Court of Bombay (Nagpur); single-judge bench, Manish Pitale J decided on 27 April 2020 A partnership deed had an arbitration clause. The partners had a dispute. One of them applied for appointment of an arbitrator and the High Court made the

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Categories: Application for setting aside award |  Arbitral seat |  Jurisdiction |  Place of arbitration |  Section 34 |  Section 42  

Mere expression “place of arbitration” is not determinative of the “seat” of arbitration. The intention of the parties as to the “seat” should be determined from other clauses in the agreement and the conduct of the parties. (Supreme Court of India)

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Mankastu Impex Private Limited v AirVisual Limited 2020 SCC OnLine SC 301 Supreme Court of India; 3-judge bench, R Banumathi, AS Bopanna and Hrishikesh Roy JJ, decided on 05 March 2020   A.  THE DISPUTE RESOLUTION CLAUSE Mankastu, an Indian company, and AirVisual, a Hong Kong company, had a memorandum

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Categories: Arbitral seat |  Place of arbitration |  Seat of arbitration |  Section 20 |  Venue of arbitration  

If a court determines that the seat is somewhere else, it has no jurisdiction even if cause of action arose in its jurisdiction and even if before the determination of seat, a prior application had been filed before it (Supreme Court of India)

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Hindustan Construction Company Ltd. v. NHPC Ltd. and others, MANU/SC/0299/2020 Supreme Court of India; 3-judge bench, RF Nariman, S Ravindra Bhat, and V. Ramasubramanian JJ; decided on 04 March 2020   A 3-judge bench of Rohinton Fali Nariman, S Ravindra Bhat and V Ramasubramanian JJ has reiterated, following BGS SGS

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Categories: Arbitral seat |  Court |  Exclusive jurisdiction |  Section 2(1)(e)  

Wrong composition of seat and wrong composition of arbitral tribunal is ground for refusing enforcement- establishing prejudice not required; significance and consequences of seat; determination of seat et. al. (Supreme Court of Singapore)

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ST Group Co Ltd and others v Sanum Investments Limited and another, [2019] SGCA 65 Supreme Court of Singapore (Court of Appeal); 3-judge bench, Sundaresh Menon CJ, Judith Prakash JA and Quentin Loh JJ., decided on 18 November 2019   Article 36 Model Law and Section 31 International Arbitration Act

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