Wrong composition of seat and wrong composition of arbitral tribunal is ground for refusing enforcement- establishing prejudice not required; significance and consequences of seat; determination of seat et. al. (Supreme Court of Singapore)

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ST Group Co Ltd and others v Sanum Investments Limited and another, [2019] SGCA 65 Supreme Court of Singapore (Court of Appeal); 3-judge bench, Sundaresh Menon CJ, Judith Prakash JA and Quentin Loh JJ., decided on 18 November 2019   Article 36 Model Law and Section 31 International Arbitration Act

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Stamping of award, natural justice, notions of justice, arbitral procedure, fundamental policy of Indian law et. al. (Delhi High Court)

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Glencore International AG v. Indian Potash Limited and Another High Court of Delhi; Single judge bench; Rajiv Shakdher, J.; decided on 9 August 2019 Enforcement of two foreign awards–final award and cost award–passed in a Singapore seated arbitration was resisted under section 48 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996

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