Wrong composition of seat and wrong composition of arbitral tribunal is ground for refusing enforcement- establishing prejudice not required; significance and consequences of seat; determination of seat et. al. (Supreme Court of Singapore)

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ST Group Co Ltd and others v Sanum Investments Limited and another, [2019] SGCA 65 Supreme Court of Singapore (Court of Appeal); 3-judge bench, Sundaresh Menon CJ, Judith Prakash JA and Quentin Loh JJ., decided on 18 November 2019   Article 36 Model Law and Section 31 International Arbitration Act

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Objection as to a domestic award cannot be taken in the execution proceedings if no set-aside application was filed; CPC provisions which are inconsistent with ACA do not apply in execution under Section 36, ACA; Section 47, CPC is not attracted (Orissa High Court) (07 January 2020)

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Birat Chandra Dagara v. Orissa Manganese & Minerals Ltd.; 2020 SCC OnLine Ori 5 High Court of Orissa; Single-judge bench; Biswanath Rath, J.; decided on 7 January 2020 A single-judge bench of the High Court of Orissa has held that an objection as to execution of an award cannot be

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