The seat of the arbitration can be deduced from the conduct of not raising objections as to conduct of arbitration proceedings at a particular territory (Bombay High Court)

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Omprakash and others v. Vijay Dwarkada Varma MANU/MH/0543/202 High Court of Bombay (Nagpur); single-judge bench, Manish Pitale J decided on 27 April 2020 A partnership deed had an arbitration clause. The partners had a dispute. One of them applied for appointment of an arbitrator and the High Court made the

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Mere expression “place of arbitration” is not determinative of the “seat” of arbitration. The intention of the parties as to the “seat” should be determined from other clauses in the agreement and the conduct of the parties. (Supreme Court of India)

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Mankastu Impex Private Limited v AirVisual Limited 2020 SCC OnLine SC 301 Supreme Court of India; 3-judge bench, R Banumathi, AS Bopanna and Hrishikesh Roy JJ, decided on 05 March 2020   A.  THE DISPUTE RESOLUTION CLAUSE Mankastu, an Indian company, and AirVisual, a Hong Kong company, had a memorandum

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When ‘venue’ means ‘seat’ (Delhi High Court)

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Raj Kumar Brothers v. Life Essentials Personal Care Pvt. Ltd., 2019 SCC OnLine 10803 Delhi High Court; single-judge bench, V. Kameswar Rao J.; decided on 31 October 2019 The arbitration agreement provided that the “venue of Arbitration shall be Gurgaon” and “all disputes … shall be subject to GURGAON jurisdiction”.

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