Existence and validity and of an arbitration agreement, and arbitrability of the dispute can be examined in proceedings under Section 8 and Section 11 ACA. The court should interfere in limited cases where it is plainly arguable that the arbitration agreement is non-existent, invalid or the disputes non-arbitrable. (Supreme Court)

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Vidya Drolia and others v. Durga Trading Corporation (Vidya Drolia II) Court: Supreme Court of India | Case Number: Civil Appeal No. 2402 of 2019 | Citation: 2020 SCC OnLine SC 1018 | Bench: NV Ramana, Sanjiv Khanna and Krishna Murari JJ | Date of decision: 14 December 2020 |

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Clause restricting choice of one party to select the sole arbitrator from a panel of three names is okay. Voestalpine (2-judge bench SC) cannot be relied on because of CORE (3-judge bench SC). Passages in Voestalpine about broad-based panel were merely suggestions (Delhi High Court)

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Iworld Business Solutions Private Limited v. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited Court: Delhi High Court| Case number: OMP (T) Comm. 71 of 2020 | Citation: Not available currently |Bench: C Hari Shankar J | Date: 04 December 2020 Applying the decision of the Supreme Court in CORE (cited below), a

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Appointment of arbitrators in multi-party arbitration—when will post-Dutco reforms come to India?

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A. ACSA Global GVK Airport—a test case for appointment in multiple-respondents scenario It was reported[1] in June this year (2020) that in ACSA Global Limited v. GVK Airport Holdings Limited and others[2] the Supreme Court of India will be considering the issue of appointment of arbitrators in a multi-party arbitration.

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An arbitration clause which says disputes “may” be referred to arbitration is not a binding arbitration agreement; the pre-arbitral mechanism of discussion need not be followed when it is clear parties do not intend any settlement (Bombay High Court)

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Quick Heal v. NCS Computers and another Court: Bombay High Court | Case Number: Arbitration Petition No.43 of 2018| Citation: Not currently available | Judge: SK Kathawalla J | Date: 05 June 2020 | Available at: Website of Bombay High Court https://bombayhighcourt.nic.in A. THE ARBITRATION CLAUSE STATED THAT THE DISPUTE

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Transferee of a business undertaking has a right to invoke arbitration under the arbitration clause of an agreement which formed part of the business transfer (originally executed by the transferor) (Delhi High Court)

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M/s Distribution Logistics Pvt. Ltd. v. M/s BPB Builders Pvt. Ltd. Court: High Court of Delhi | Case Number: ARB.P. 383/2019 | Citation: Currently not available| Judge: Jyoti Singh J| Date: 12 May 2020 | Available at: https://indiankanoon.org/doc/69677882/   ETA Engineering and BPB Builders entered into an agreement on 23

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