Extension of time limit for an arbitral award—a case comment on Lots Shipping v. Cochin Port Trust and DDA v. Tarachand

     Case Comment by Prashant Mishra , Avantika Verma

M/S Lots Shipping Company Limited v. Cochin Port Trust, OP (C).No.586 OF 2018(O); Kerala High Court | 2-judge bench| CK Abdul Rehim and Shircy V JJ| 28 April 2020  DDA v. Tarachand Sumit Construction Co., OMP (Misc.) (Comm.) 236 of 2019Delhi High Court | Jyoti Singh J| 12 May 2020

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Categories: Appointment of arbitrator |  Section 11 |  Section 14 |  Section 15 |  Section 2(1)(e) |  Section 29A |  Substitution of arbitrator |  Termination of mandate |  Termination of mandate and substitution of arbitrator |  Time limit for arbitral award  

If a court determines that the seat is somewhere else, it has no jurisdiction even if cause of action arose in its jurisdiction and even if before the determination of seat, a prior application had been filed before it (Supreme Court of India)

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Hindustan Construction Company Ltd. v. NHPC Ltd. and others, MANU/SC/0299/2020 Supreme Court of India; 3-judge bench, RF Nariman, S Ravindra Bhat, and V. Ramasubramanian JJ; decided on 04 March 2020   A 3-judge bench of Rohinton Fali Nariman, S Ravindra Bhat and V Ramasubramanian JJ has reiterated, following BGS SGS

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