Appointment of arbitrators in multi-party arbitration—when will post-Dutco reforms come to India?

     Blog by Umang Bhat Nair

A. ACSA Global GVK Airport—a test case for appointment in multiple-respondents scenario It was reported[1] in June this year (2020) that in ACSA Global Limited v. GVK Airport Holdings Limited and others[2] the Supreme Court of India will be considering the issue of appointment of arbitrators in a multi-party arbitration.

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Courts’ power to grant interim measures operates only in emergency. The tribunal’s jurisdiction is pre-eminent (Delhi High Court in an ad-interim observation)

     Update by Samarth Madan

Nirbhay Pratap Singh v. Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd & another Court: Delhi High Court | Case Number: OMP (I) (COMM) 275/2020 | Citation: Currently unavailable | Judge: C Hari Shankar J | Date: 11 September 2020 | Available at: Delhi High Court’s website ( Though in an ad-interim order, Justice C Hari Shankar of the Delhi High

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The SIAC Emergency Arbitrator Enforcement Experience

     Blog by Vivekananda N.

An earlier version of this blog was published in the SIAC India Newsletter, Issue No.1 available here.   THE SIAC EA EXPERIENCE About 6 years ago, I penned a short piece on Singapore International Arbitration Centre’s (“SIAC”) experience with the emergency arbitrator (“EA”) provisions which had been introduced in 2010

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Formal requirements of an arbitration agreement are satisfied even if it is not signed, but communications establish that the parties are ad idem on the arbitration clause (Delhi High Court)

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Chaitanya Construction Company v. Delhi Jal Board Court: High Court of Delhi | Case number: OMP (T) (Comm) 35 /2020 | Citation: Not available currently | Bench: Rekha Palli J | Date: 01 September 2020   A. The written form requirements of an arbitration agreement “Like all other types of

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Unilateral right of appointing sole arbitrator not valid under the Perkins rule even if the right was not with any individual but the “company” (Delhi High Court)

     Update by Meenakshi K. K.

M/s. OMCON Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. v. Indiabulls Investment Advisors Ltd Court: High Court of Delhi | Case Number: OMP (T) (Comm) 35 /2020 | Citation: Not available currently | Bench: Rekha Palli J | Date: 01 September 2020 Applying the Perkins rule, the Delhi High Court has ruled that a unilateral right

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