Our first addition to the research segment is Yearbook 2019 which can be accessed here.

The Yearbook contains descriptive pieces on several judgments of the year decided in the Indian courts. What was decided? How were those conclusions reached? What theme binds (or not) one decision with another?

The Yearbook classifies the judgments chapter-wise according to the main issue they address. Most chapters include an introductory section, which gives a background on the topic.

Earlier in February 2020, we unveiled the printed version of the Yearbook during the fifth edition of the NLIU–Tankha Memorial International Arbitration Moot at the National Law Institute University, Bhopal.

We hope the reader will find it helpful. Do let us know what you think by leaving your comment or feedback at

We continue to work on developing an open access, thoroughly researched commentary on arbitration law in India. If you want to contribute on any topic for this segment please write to us at specifying your topic. Please include an outline.