Appointment of arbitrators in multi-party arbitration—when will post-Dutco reforms come to India?

     Blog by Umang Bhat Nair

A. ACSA Global GVK Airport—a test case for appointment in multiple-respondents scenario It was reported[1] in June this year (2020) that in ACSA Global Limited v. GVK Airport Holdings Limited and others[2] the Supreme Court of India will be considering the issue of appointment of arbitrators in a multi-party arbitration.

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The SIAC Emergency Arbitrator Enforcement Experience

     Blog by Vivekananda N.

An earlier version of this blog was published in the SIAC India Newsletter, Issue No.1 available here.   THE SIAC EA EXPERIENCE About 6 years ago, I penned a short piece on Singapore International Arbitration Centre’s (“SIAC”) experience with the emergency arbitrator (“EA”) provisions which had been introduced in 2010

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Mitra Guha v. ONGC: Can Determination Of Breach Of Contract Be An ‘Excepted Matter’?

     Blog by Iti Mishra

  INTRODUCTION Party autonomy is one of the foundations of arbitration. Section 7(1) of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 provides that by way of an arbitration agreement, the parties can submit all or certain disputes to arbitration. It is common for parties in a commercial contract to reserve some

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