The entire period from the institution of the original proceedings to the termination of the appellate proceedings, including preparation of appeal, in the wrong forum to be excluded under Section 14 Limitation Act. Preparation for re-presentation in the right forum also excluded (Delhi HC)

     Update by Kriti

NHPC Limited v. BGS-SGS-SOMA JV Court: High Court of Delhi| Case Number: OMP(COMM) 23/2020 |Citation: MANU/DE/1247/2020 | Judge: Rekha Palli J; Date:17 June 2020   A. TIME LIMIT TO FILE AN APPLICATION FOR SETTING ASIDE AN AWARD AND SECTION 14 OF  THE LIMITATION ACT What happens to the limitation period if

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Categories: Application for setting aside award |  Condonation of delay |  Limitation |  Limitation Act |  Limitation for setting aside |  Section 14 |  Section 34 |  Sufficient cause  

Encashment of an unconditional and irrevocable bank guarantee cannot be injuncted except in cases of fraud of egregious nature, irretrievable injury, or special equities. Financial distress is not equal to irretrievable injury.

     Update by Akshat Shukla

Suzlon Energy Limited v. Zemira Renewable Energy Limited Court: Delhi High Court | Case Number: OMP (I) COMM 340 of 2019 and connected matters | Citation: Not currently available | Judge: Jyoti Singh J| Date: | Available at:,   A. INVOCATION OF BANK GUARANTEE AND APPLICATION TO RESTRAIN ENCASHMENT

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Categories: Egregious fraud |  Encashment of Bank Guarantees |  Injunctions against Bank Guarantees |  Interim measures by court |  Irretrievable injury |  Section 9 |  Special equities  

An award can be set aside if it shocks the conscience of the court. (Bombay High Court)

     Update by Shruti Mishra

Jackie Kukubhai Shroff v. Ratnam Sudesh Iyer Court: Bombay High Court | Case Number: ARB.P. 167/2015 | Citation: Currently not available| Judge: SC Gupte  J| Date: 19 May 2020 | Available at:    A. THE BACKGROUND Jackie and Ratnam were shareholders in Atlas. Atlas was a shareholder in MSM. Dispute arose concerning the sale

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Categories: Agent |  Fundamental policy of Indian law |  Liquidated damages |  Most basic notions of morality and justice |  Patent Illegality |  Public Policy of India |  Section 34 |  Setting aside arbitral award  

Court cannot interfere with an award in a Section 34 petition if the view taken by the arbitral tribunal is a plausible one. (Bombay High Court)

     Update by Saloni Jaiman

Niko Resources Limited v. Gujrat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd.  Case Number: Commercial Arbitration Petition 484 of 2017 | Citation: Currently not available|  Judge AK Menon J | Court: Bombay High Court| decided on 9/06/2020| Available at:   On 9 June 2020, the Bombay High Court dismissed a petition for setting aside

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Categories: Damages |  Perversity |  Quantification of an award |  Reappreciation of evidence |  Recourse against arbitral award |  Review on the merits of the dispute |  Section 34  

An arbitration clause which says disputes “may” be referred to arbitration is not a binding arbitration agreement; the pre-arbitral mechanism of discussion need not be followed when it is clear parties do not intend any settlement (Bombay High Court)

     Update by Nayanikaa Shukla

Quick Heal v. NCS Computers and another Court: Bombay High Court | Case Number: Arbitration Petition No.43 of 2018| Citation: Not currently available | Judge: SK Kathawalla J | Date: 05 June 2020 | Available at: Website of Bombay High Court A. THE ARBITRATION CLAUSE STATED THAT THE DISPUTE

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Categories: Appointment of arbitrator |  Arbitration agreement  |  Pre-arbitral mechanism |  Pre-arbitral procedure |  Section 11  

The argument that there was a change of counsel, and new counsel took time given the complex and technical nature of the matter is not a “sufficient cause” to entertain a set-aside application filed after three-months (Delhi High Court)

     Update by Khushbu Turki

Chintels India Limited v. Bhayana Builders Pvt. Limited Court: High Court of Delhi | Case Number: OMP (COMM) 444/2019 | Citation: Currently not available | Judge: Jyoti Singh J| Date: 4 June 2020 | Available at:   THE MAXIMUM LIMITATION TO FILE A SET ASIDE APPLICATION IS THREE MONTHS, AND ON COURT’S DISCRETION, ANOTHER THIRTY

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Categories: Application for setting aside award |  Condonation of delay |  Limitation |  Limitation for setting aside |  Section 34 |  Section 34(3) |  Sufficient cause  

An application under Section 39 ACA lies only when the award has been made, but not physically delivered (Delhi High Court)

     Update by Anushree Chandra

M/S Janapriya Engineers Syndicate Pvt. Ltd. v. Union of India Court: High Court of Delhi | Case Number: ARB.P. 377/2019 | Citation: Currently not available| Judge: V Kameswar Rao J| Date: 5 June 2020 | Available at:   SECTION 39 OF ACA GIVES TO THE ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL LIEN ON THE AWARD FOR ANY UNPAID COSTS.

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Categories: Arbitral Fees |  Section 39  

The appointment of sole-arbitrator by the Government in a dispute where one party is a government company (a public sector undertaking) is valid (Punjab & Haryana High Court)

     Update by Arushi Bhagotra

Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. v. State of Haryana and another Court: Punjab & Haryana High Court | Case Number: Civil Revision 7191 of 2019 | Citation: MANU/PH/0428/2020 | Currently not available | Judge: Alka Sarin J | Date: 03 June 2020 | Available at: THE ARBITRATION CLAUSE AND APPOINTMENT OF

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Categories: Appointment of arbitrator |  Bias |  Failure or impossibility to act |  Fifth Schedule |  Grounds of challenge |  Independence and Impartiality of arbitrator |  Neutrality of arbitrator |  Right to appoint arbitrator |  Right to nominate arbitrator |  Section 12 |  Section 13 |  Section 14 |  Seventh Schedule |  Sole arbitrator |  Termination of mandate and substitution of arbitrator |  The Perkins principle |  The TRF principle  

The test of being unable to present one’s case concerns matters outside party’s control. Enforcement of a foreign award cannot be refused when the party chose not to avail the opportunity to present its case before the arbitral tribunal (Supreme Court of India)

     Update by Kushager Relhan

Centrotrade Minerals & Metals Inc. v. Hindustan Copper Ltd., 2020 SCC OnLine SC 479 (“Centrotrade III”) Court: Supreme Court of India | Case Number: Civil Appeal No. 2562 of  | Citation: 2020 SCC OnLine SC 479 | Judges: RF Nariman, S Ravindra Bhat and V Ramasubramanian JJ | Date: 02

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Categories: “Otherwise unable to present his case” |  Conditions for enforcement of foreign awards |  Enforcement  |  Section 48 |  Section 48(1)(b)  

Transferee of a business undertaking has a right to invoke arbitration under the arbitration clause of an agreement which formed part of the business transfer (originally executed by the transferor) (Delhi High Court)

     Update by Anushree Chandra

M/s Distribution Logistics Pvt. Ltd. v. M/s BPB Builders Pvt. Ltd. Court: High Court of Delhi | Case Number: ARB.P. 383/2019 | Citation: Currently not available| Judge: Jyoti Singh J| Date: 12 May 2020 | Available at:   ETA Engineering and BPB Builders entered into an agreement on 23

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