Submission Guidelines


NFRAL publishes articles, blog posts and updates. While updates are written either in-house or on invitation only, original contributions analysing an issue relevant to understanding or development of arbitration law are welcome either as an article or a blog post. While there is no preset limitation on the length of an article, short pieces enhance the quality of legal scholarship. All articles should be submitted with an abstract of 100-150 words in length. Blog pieces are typically within 1200-1500 words. Your submission might advance an idea, summarize a development, or engage in discussion. Purely descriptive pieces which contextualize any issue will also be considered.

How to submit

If you are a first-time user, you will be required to register by clicking on "sign up". Send your contribution in Microsoft-Word format by using the “Submit Now” feature under "Submissions" tab. You can also write and submit your piece using the in-built text editor. Your name, biographical information, and acknowledgments should be provided in a separate page.


Please access our citation style sheet here.

Review process

Our editorial process is fully blinded and a combination of technical review by student-editors and a substantive review by the experts and peers. Depending on the time taken by the peer reviewers, a decision on your submission might get delayed. Contributions which are not regarded as meeting the expected quality are rejected. As a matter of policy, we do not provide information on rejection of any submission.


Any query concerning a contribution can be made to