About Us

Who are we?

We are a bunch of students, lawyers, and academicians. We love arbitration, research, and writing. Some of us came together in 2018 with the idea of a genuinely cutting-edge online forum on arbitration. Next year, we started as the NLIU Forum For Research and Writing on Arbitration (named after NLIU, Bhopal). As people from other law schools joined us, we changed the name, retaining the brand NFRAL.

Aimen Reshi, Gunjan Soni, Namrata Sinha, Saahil Khare and Prashant Mishra are our founder members.

What does NFRAL offer?

Our content is divided into four main segments: Rolling Publications, Research Publications, Biweekly Highlights, and Resource Pool.

We have four types of Rolling Publications: Blogs, Articles, Case Comments, and Updates. Of these, currently, the Updates are written only in-house. We accept other submissions for the consideration of our Editors throughout the year. To know on what basis the Rolling Publications are categorised and accepted, what do we expect of the authors, and what is our review process, go to our Submissions page.

Our in-house research is published in the Research Publication segment. Over time, you will find a vast corpus of research material under this section ranging from a topic briefly explained or a full-fledged commentary. Currently, this segment has the Yearbook 2019.

The Biweekly Highlights segment offers a glimpse of the latest developments, cases, legislative, or policy of the past two weeks. The material is meticulously analysed, written, and finalised over the two weeks to present to the reader the most accurate gist.

The Resource Pool collates publicly available resources, viz., the arbitral statutes of various countries, the institutional rules, UN documents, and others.

What aim and philosophy drive NFRAL?

Our main aim is to develop a community of researchers and authors to create a comprehensive wealth of online material on arbitration available for everyone to access. Our mission is to present a coherent conception of arbitration law in ways that benefit professional lawyers, judges, students, and academia

What are the unique features of NFRAL?

We are unique because of the sheer quality of what we publish. That aside, the Category Cloud feature is a key feature of NFRAL. A Category is a keyword that is central to a piece of publication. All publications have one or more Categories linked to them. Clicking on any particular category (say, “Seat of Arbitration”) will show up every publication across the site linked to that Category.

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