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1961 1994 2015 2015 Amendments 2015 Amendments to Section 11 ACA 2019 2019 Amendments Abandonment of Proceedings Abuse of Process Accord and Satisfaction Accrual of Right to Apply Acquiescence Act of God Act of State Action for Foreclosure Ad Hoc Ad Hoc Arbitration Ad Interim Orders Adhunik Steels Adjournment Adjudicability Administrative Assistance Administrative Tribunal Admiralty Jurisdiction Admissibility Admissibility of Dispute Admissibility of Evidence Admission of Assets Admitted Liability Advantages of Arbitration Affidavit of Assets Agent Agreement Agreement in Writing Agreement to the Contrary Alienation of Property Alimenta Aloe Vera Alter Ego Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative Remedy Alupro Amendment Amendment of Claim Amendment of Pleading American Arbitration Association Amiable Compositeur Annulment of Award Anti Arbitration Injunction Anti Arbitration Suit Anti Trust Appeal on Point of Law Appealable Orders Appeals and Revision Appellate Authority Applicability of 2015 Amendments Applicability of Code of Civil Procedure Applicability of Evidence Act Applicability of Part I Applicability of Part II Application Application of Mind Application and Scope Application for Setting Aside Arbitral Award Application of Mind Appointment of Arbitrator Under Special Law Appointment of Arbitrators Appointment of Conciliator Appointment of Experts Appointment of Substituted Arbitrator Arbitrability Arbitrability of Disputes Arbitrability of Fraud Arbitrability of Oppression and Mismanagement Arbitrable Dispute Arbitral Fees Arbitral Tribunal Arbitral Tribunal of Serving or Retired Officers Arbitrariness Arbitration Arbitration Act 1940 Arbitration Agreement Arbitration Agreement in Writing Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1997 Arbitration and Conciliation Amendment Act Arbitration and Conciliation Amendment Act 2015 Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2021 Arbitration and Conciliation Amendment Ordinance 2015 Arbitration and Conciliation Ordinance 1996 Arbitration Award and Decree Arbitrators Arbitrators Interpretation of Contract Arbitrator's Misconduct Arrest of Ship Art 36 (1) (a) (iv) Model Law Article 116 Limitation Act Article 117 Limitation Act Article 134 Article 134 Constitution of India Article 136 Limitation Act Article 137 Limitation Act Article 14 Constitution Article 14 Constitution of India Article 142 Constitution of India Article 226 Article 226 Constitution of India Article 227 Article 227 Constitution of India Article 34 Model Law Article 36 (1) (a) (iv) of Model Law Assignment Associate Builders Association Atlas Export Attachment Attachment Before Award Attachment before Judgement Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration Authority of Arbitrator Automatic Stay Autonomy Avery Clauses Avitel Awards Ayyasamy Balance of Convenience BALCO Bank Guarantee Bar of Limitation BCCI v. Kochi Before Arbitral Proceedings Beneficiary BGS Soma Bharat Broadband Bhatia Bhatia International Bhaven Construction Bias Bifurcation Binding Non Signatory to Arbitration Blacklisting Boghara Polyfab Booz Allen Borse Brothers Breach of Contract Bribe Broad Based Panel Burden of Proof Business Transfer But not Thereafter Bye Laws Capacity of Party Cause of Action Centrotrade Certainty Certificate for Appeal Challenge Procedure Challenge to Arbitral Award Challenge to Foreign Award Chamber of Commerce Chapter II Not to apply China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Centre Chloro Controls Choice of Forum Choice of Law Choice of Seat Civil Procedure Code Civil Suit Claim Claim Through or Under Him Clarification of Awards Clause Clauses Coercion Collegiality Commencement of Arbitral Proceedings Commercial Commercial Arbitration Commercial Courts Act Commercial under the Law in Force in India Compensation Competence Competence Competence of Arbitral Tribunal to Rule on its Jurisdiction Composition of Arbitral Tribunal Compound Interest Compromise Conciliation Conciliation Proceedings Conciliator Concurrent Jurisdiction Concurrent Jurisdiction Theory Conditions for Enforcement of Foreign Awards Conditions for Grant of Interim Measure Condonation of Delay Conduct of Arbitral Proceedings Confidentiality Conflict of Law Consent of Parties Consequence of Not Appearing Consolidated Engineering Constitutional Validity Construction of Arbitration Agreement Construction of Contract Contract Contract Act Control Coordinate Bench CORE Corporate Veil Correction and Interpretation of Award; Additional Award Correction of Awards Corruption Costs Counter Claim Counterclaim Court Court Assistance in Taking Evidence Court of Arbitration for Sport Courts Assistance in taking Evidence CPC Criminal Proceedings Cross Examination Cross Examination in Arbitral Proceedings Curable Breach Dallah Damages De jure Ineligibility Death of Party and Arbitration Proceedings Decision of Coordinate Bench Declaration Deemed Admission of Liability Deemed Waiver Deep Industries Default of a Party Defective Arbitration Clauses Definition Definitions Delay Delay in Nominating Arbitrator Delhi International Arbitration Centre Delivery of Award Delivery of Possession Demurrer Deposits as to Costs Deposits Designation of Arbitral Seat Determinable Contract Determination of Rules of Procedure Determination of Seat Discretion Dispute Disputed Question of Fact Disqualification of Arbitrators Doctrine of Comity and Amity Doctrine of Group of Companies Doctrine of Merger Doctrine of Severability Domestic Arbitration Domestic Award Domestic Inquiry Domestic Tribunal Dubai International Arbitration Center DUTCO Duties and Powers of Arbitral Tribunal Duty to Give Reasons Dyna Economic Duress Effect of Acknowledgement in Writing Effect of Award Effect on Limitation of Period of Settlement Talks Egregious Fraud Electricity Act Emergency Arbitration Emergency Arbitrator Emergency Award Empty Formality Encashment of Bank Guarantees Enforceability Enforcement Enforcement Against Non Signatory Enforcement of Annulled Awards Enforcement of Arbitral Awards Enforcement of Domestic Awards Enforcement of Emergency Award Enforcement of Foreign Awards Enforcement of Interim Order Enforcement of wrongly seated Arbitration Enforcement Under Section 17 ACA Enforcement Under Section 9 ACA England and Wales Arbitration Act 1996 Entry 1 Seventh Schedule Entry 1 Seventh Schedule 2 Entry 31 Fifth Schedule Equal Treatment of Parties Equality Before Law Equity Clause Erga Omnes Effect Erroneous Application of Law Error of Law Erusian Escalation Award Estoppel European Economic Community Evidence Ex Aequo Et Bono Ex Gratia Payment Ex Parte Award Ex Parte Order Ex Parte Proceeding Examination on Oath Excepted Matters Exceptional Rarity Excess Award Excess of Jurisdiction Excessive Award Exclusion Exclusive Jurisdiction Execution of Arbitral Award Executors Exhausted Agreement Existence of Arbitration Agreement Existence of Arbitration Clause Expert Appointed by Arbitral Tribunal Experts Expropriation Extension of Prescribed Period Extent of Application Extent of Judicial Intervention Failure of Justice Failure or Impossibility to Act Failure to Act Fair and Equitable Treatment Fair Hearing Fairness Fast Track Arbitrations Fast Track Procedure Federal Rules of Evidence Fee Fees Fifth Schedule Final Arbitral Award Final Relief Finality Finality Clause Finality of Arbitral Award First Schedule First Statement on the Substance of the Dispute Flexibility of Procedure Foreclosure of Right to Appoint Foreign Award Foreign Awards Recognition and Enforcement Act Foreign Awards When Binding Foreign Law Foreign National Forfeiture of Right to Appoint Forgery Form and Contents of Arbitral Award Form and Contents of Award Form of Arbitration Agreement Formal Validity of Arbitration Agreement Formation of Arbitration Agreement Fourth Schedule Fraud Frustration of Arbitration Frustration of Contract Functions of State Commission Functus Officio Fundamental Policy of Indian Law Garware Geneva Convention Geneva Convention Awards German Institution of Arbitration Global Mercantile Grant of Injunction Grounds for Challenge Grounds for Challenge Appointment of Arbitrator Grounds for Refusing Recognition or Enforcement Grounds for Setting Aside Arbitral Award Grounds of Challenge Hague Rules Hearings and Written Proceedings Hindustan Construction Company HKCIA Hot Tubbing IBA Rules on taking Evidence ICA Rules ICC Mediation Rules ICDR Rules ICSID Rules Implied Powers of Arbitrator Illegality Illegality of Contract Immunity Impartiality Impartiality of Arbitrator Implied Powers of Arbitrator Implied Reasoning Implied Terms in Arbitration Agreement Impossibility of Performance Impossibility to Act In Personam In Rem In Rem Action Inability to Present Case Incapable of being performed Incapacity of Party Incomplete Award Incorporation Incorporation by Reference Incorporation of Arbitration Agreement Incurable Breach Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrator Independence of Arbitrator Indian Council of Arbitration Ineligibility of Arbitrator Inherent Jurisdiction Injunction Injunction against Bank Guarantee Inoperative Insolvency Insolvent Institution Institutional Arbitration Institutional Framework Instruments Chargeable with Duty Insurance Interest Interference with Award Interim Award Interim Mandatory Injunction Interim Measures Interim Measures Against Non-Signatory Interim Measures by Court Interim Measures in Foreign Seated Arbitration Interim Measures Ordered by Arbitral Tribunal International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes ICSID International Chamber of Commerce International Commercial International Commercial Arbitration International Court of Justice International Human Rights International Investor State Arbitration Interpretation Interpretation of Arbitration Agreement Interpretation of Award Interpretation of Contract Interpretation of Judgment Interrelationship between Sections 9 ACA and 11 ACA Intervention Intervention by Third Parties Rights of Third Parties Invalidity of Agreement Invalidity of Arbitration Agreement Investment Arbitration Investment Arbitration Claims Investment Treaty Arbitration Irreparable Loss Irretrievable Injury Jetpur Somnath Joinder of Non Signatories Joinder of Parties Judicial Authority Judicial Discipline Judicial intervention Judicial Review Judicial Review in Arbitration Jurisdiction Jurisdiction in Foreign Seated Arbitration Jurisdiction of Appellate Court Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunal Jurisdiction of Courts Just and Convenient Kandla Export Kinnari Mullick Kompetenz Kompetenz Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration Kvaerner Lack of Inherent Jurisdiction Language Language of Proceedings ICIA Legal Assistance Legal Disability Legality of Award Lex Arbitri Lex Fori Lex Locus Contractus Lex Mercatoria Lien on Arbitral Award Lifting or Piercing Corporate Veil Limitation Limitation Act Limitation and Jurisdictional Question Limitation for Setting Aside Limitation Period and Settlement Talks Limitation Under MSMED Act Limitation Under Section 11 ACA Limitation Under Section 34 ACA Limitation Under Section 37 ACA Limitations Liquidated Damages Look Sniff Arbitrations Loss of Right to Object Lump Sum Award Maintainability Majority Awards Majority of Arbitrators Making of Award Mandate Mandatory Injunction Mandatory Orders Mandatory Provisions Maritime Arbitration Rules May versus Shall Mediation Mediation Conciliation and Arbitration Mediator and Arbitrator Merits Based Review Misconduct Mitra Guha Model Arbitration Agreement Modification of Arbitral Award Morality Moratorium Mortgage Most Basic Notions of Morality or Justice Most Favoured Nation MSMED Act Multi Brand Retail Multi Party Arbitration Multi Tier Clauses Multiple Arbitrators Multiple Awards Mumbai Centre for International Arbitration Mutuality - NAFTA National Treatment Natural Justice Nature of Arbitration Agreement Nature of Award Necessary Party Neutrality Neutrality of Arbitrator Neutrality of Arbitrators New Plea New York Convention New York Convention Awards Non Arbitrable Matters Non est Non-signatory Non Signatory to Arbitration Nonarbitrability Nortel Networks Not Later than the Date of Submitting Notice of Arbitration Novation Null and Void Nullity Number of Arbitrators Object of ACA Objection to Execution Opportunity to Cross Examine Oral Arbitration Oral Arbitration Agreement Oral Awards Order XLI CPC Order XLI Rule 5 CPC Order XLIII CPC Order XLVII CPC Order XXI CPC Order XXXIX CPC Order XXXIX Rule 2A CPC Order XXXVIII CPC Otherwise unable to present his Case Part I Party Appointed Arbitrator Party Appointed Sole Arbitrator Party Autonomy Patel Engineering Patent Illegality Patent Lack of Inherent Jurisdiction PCA Perkins Persona Designata in Arbitration Perverse Award Perversity Place Place of Arbitration Plainly Arguable Test Plausible View Plea of Lack of Inherent Jurisdiction Pleading Requirement under Section 11 ACA Pleadings Popular Construction Power of Appellate Court Power of Central Government to Amend Power of Court under Section 11 ACA Power of High Court to make Rules Power of High Courts to Issue Certain Writs Power of Judicial Authority to Refer Parties to Arbitration Power of Review Power of Superintendence Over All Courts by the High Court Power to make Rules Power to Refer Parties to Arbitration Pre Arbitral Dispute Resolution Mechanism Pre Arbitral Mechanism Pre Arbitral Procedure Pre-reference Interest Preclusive effect of Kompetenz Kompetenz Prejudice Preliminary Issue Presiding Arbitrator Prima Facie Prima Facie Case Prima Facie No Valid Arbitration Agreement Exists Prima Facie Review Private International Law Privity of Contract Procedural Law Procedure in Arbitration Proof Proof of Damages Proper Law of Contract Proper Notice Proper Party Protocol on Arbitration Clauses Provisions in Case of Insolvency Public Interest Public International Law Public Law in Arbitration Public Policy Public Policy of India Qualification of an Arbitrator Quantification of an Award Quasi Arbitrators Questions of Law Raffles Revaluation of Evidence Reappreciation of Evidence Reappreciation of Finding of Fact Reasoned Award Reasoned or Speaking Award Reasoned Order Receipt of Award Receipt of Written Communications Receiver Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Award Recourse Against Arbitral Award Refer to Arbitration Reference to Arbitration Regime for Costs Remand of Award Remission of Award Removal of Arbitrator Removal of difficulties Remuneration Renusagar Repeal and Savings RERA RERA and Arbitration Res Judicata Resignation of Arbitrator Test of Perversity Review Review on the Merits of the Dispute Revocation of Authority of Arbitrator Right to Appoint Arbitrator Right to Nominate Arbitrator Right Under Special Law for Appointing Arbitrator Rule 3 Rules Applicable to Substance of Dispute Rules of Procedure SAROD Rules Saving Savings Schedule I Scope of Part I Scope of Reference Scope of Section 37 (2) ACA Scope of Section 9 ACA Scott V Seat Seat of Arbitration Sec 34 (2) (b) (ii) ACA Section 1 ACA Section 10 ACA Section 10 CCA Section 11 - 6 ACA Section 11 - 6A ACA Section 11 ACA Section 114 CPC Section 11A ACA Section 12 (5) ACA Section 12 ACA Section 13 ACA Section 13 CCA Section 14 (2) ACA Section 14 ACA Section 14 IBC Section 14 Limitation Act Section 15 (2) ACA Section 15 ACA Section 16 (2) ACA Section 16 (3) ACA Section 16 ACA Section 17 ACA Section 18 ACA Section 19-2 ACA Section 19 ACA Section 2 (1) (a) Section 2 (1) (e) ACA Section 2 (1) (f) ACA Section 2 (2) ACA Section 2 (4) ACA Section 2 (6) ACA Section 2 (8) ACA Section 2 ACA Section 20 ACA Section 21 ACA Section 22 ACA Section 23 (2A) ACA Section 23 ACA Section 24 ACA Section 25 ACA Section 26 ACA Section 26 of Arbitration and Conciliation Amendment Act Section 27 ACA Section 28 ACA Section 29 ACA Section 29A ACA Section 29B ACA Section 3 (1) Limitation Act Section 3 ACA Section 3 Electricity Act Section 3 Limitation Act Section 3 Maharashtra Stamp Act Section 30 ACA Section 31 (2) (e) International Arbitration Act Section 31 (3) ACA Section 31 (8) ACA Section 31 ACA Section 31A ACA Section 32 ACA Section 33 ACA Section 34 (2) (a) ACA Section 34 (2) (a) (iii) ACA Section 34 (2) (b) ACA Section 34 (2) (b) (ii) ACA Section 34 (2A) Section 34 (3) ACA Section 34 (4) ACA Section 34 ACA Section 35 ACA Section 36 (3) ACA Section 36 ACA Section 37 (2) (a) ACA Section 37 (2) (b) ACA Section 37 ACA Section 38 (1) ACA Section 38 ACA Section 39 ACA Section 4 ACA Section 40 ACA Section 41 ACA Section 42 ACA Section 43 ACA Section 44 ACA Section 45 ACA Section 46 ACA Section 47 ACA Section 47 CPC Section 48 (1) (c) ACA Section 48 ACA Section 48(1)(b) ACA Section 49 ACA Section 5 ACA Section 5 Limitation Act Section 50 ACA Section 51 ACA Section 52 ACA Section 53 ACA Section 54 ACA Section 55 ACA Section 56 ACA Section 57 ACA Section 58 ACA Section 59 ACA Section 6 ACA Section 60 ACA Section 61 ACA Section 62 ACA Section 65B Evidence Act Section 7 ACA Section 73 Contract Act Section 74 Contract Act Section 8 ACA Section 8 CCA Section 82 ACA Section 83 Section 84 ACA Section 85 ACA Section 86 (1) (f) Electricity Act Section 86 ACA Section 86 CPC Section 86 Electricity Act Section 87 ACA Section 9 (1) (ii) (a) ACA Section 9 (1) (ii) (b) ACA Section 9 (3) ACA Section 9 ACA Section 9 CPC Section 94 CPC Securing the Amount in Dispute in Arbitration Self Contained Code Serious Irregularity Set Aside or Refusing to Set Aside an Arbitral Award Setting Aside Arbitral Award Settlement Settlement Agreement Seventh Schedule Severability Shifting Seat of Arbitration Short Title, Extent and Commencement Show Cause Notice SIAC SIAC Rules Slip Rule in Arbitration Slop Rule Sole Arbitrator Sovereign Immunity Special Act v General Act Special Equities Speedy Disposal Srikrishna Committee Report Ssangyong Stage to Decide Jurisdictional Plea Stamp Duty Stamping of Arbitration Agreement Stamping of Foreign Award Stamping of Main Agreement Standard for Setting Aside Arbitral Award Standing Arbitral Tribunal Statements of Claim and Defence Statutory Arbitrations Stay of Execution Stay of Proceedings Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Subject Matter Subject Matter of Arbitration Agreement Substantial Compliance Substantive Law Substantive Validity Substitution of Arbitration Substitution of Arbitrator Successive Awards Sufficient Cause Sufficient Cause Under Section 34 (3) ACA Sum in Dispute Sumitomo Supplemental Award Swiss Chambers Arbitration Institution Temporary Injunction Termination Termination of Arbitral Proceedings Termination of Conciliation Proceedings Termination of Contract Termination of Mandate and Substitution of Arbitrator Termination of Proceedings Territorial Jurisdiction Test of Arbitrability Test of Perversity Tests for Determination of Seat Thing Done or To Be Done Third Party Funding Third Party Rights Time Barred Claim Time Limit Time Limit for Arbitral Award Tortious Interference Treaty TRF TTIP Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium Umpire UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules UNCITRAL Model Law UNCITRAL Notes on Organizing Arbitral Proceedings UNCLOS Unenforceability of Arbitral Award Unilateral Appointment of Arbitrator Unreasoned Award Unstamped Agreement Validity Vedanta Venue Venue of Arbitration Vidya Drolia Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties Vienna International Arbitral Centre Vijay Karia Voestalpine Waiver Waiver of Right to Appoint Arbitrator Waiver of Right to Appointment Waiver of Right to Object Waiver of Territorial Jurisdiction When Foreign Award binding Who Decides Question World Intellectual Property Organization Writ Petition Written Arbitration Agreement
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