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Apply for internship!

Do you want to intern with us and work on some really intensive research projects? Applications are now open for law students (preferably) during term breaks or vacations!

What do we wish for? Your familiarity with NFRAL. Your passion for the law of arbitration and a decent grasp of arbitration’s basic concepts. Ability to make a top-class research memo that contributes to your and our understanding of that topic. Ability to simplify and analyze the text of a judgment and co-relate it with precedent. Write to our Editors at with your application!

Call for submissions

Submissions are now open!

We review and publish submissions throughout the year. You can submit for our Editor’s consideration Blogs, Articles, or Case Comments.

For more information on the types of submissions accepted and to submit, please see our Submission Guidelines page here.

Who are our Editors?

To know about our Editors, please visit the “About Us” page.

Very often, an expert Guest Editor will carry the substantive review of your piece.

How can you subscribe to our posts?

Please scroll to the bottom left corner of the website and click on “Email for posts” and/or “Receive Biweekly newsletters.” Then enter your e-mail to join our mailing list. If you are directed to a form, fill in the details.  

Who can join NFRAL and how?

We invite applications via an announcement on our website and the social media pages when there is a vacant position or a need to involve more people in a project.

But if you think you have the right credentials and will be a right fit in the NFRAL Team in any capacity, please write to us at

Does NFRAL offer internships?

Yes, NFRAL offers internships. Applications are currently open. See the "Announcements" tab here.

Is NFRAL associated with any academic event?

NFRAL is associated with the National Law Institute University’s prestigious NLIU-Justice RK Tankha Moot Court competition for the past few years.

To collaborate with NFRAL for any academic event write to 

How can I send my submission?

Send your drafts by using the “Submit Now” feature under the “Submissions” tab on our website.

Who Can Contribute?


What is the timeline for our review process?

Ordinarily, two weeks from the date of receipt of your submission.

Why was my submission rejected?

As a matter of policy, we do not provide the reasons for rejecting a draft. In some cases, the reviewing Editor may provide feedback on the draft. 

What style of submissions are accepted?

You can send for our Editor’s consideration (i) an Article, (ii) a Blog Post, (iii) or a Case Comment.

See our Submissions Guidelines to know how they differ from one another.

Can I contribute an Update or a Biweekly Highlight?

Our in-house team prepares Updates and Biweekly Highlights. However, if for any specific reason you wish to contribute to either type of publication, please contact the editors at 

At what time of the year can I send my submissions?

We accept drafts throughout the year. 

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